Big Hot!

OOFT! Its been hot here in Melbourne! Making it very hard to sit inside and attend online classes!(tho still beats working in a factory!!!) It’s fair to say that the motivation has dropped off BIG time in the semester’s final weeks! I’ve found the workshop and discussion classes have been fine; just the lectures are melting my brain! But we will hang in there. We will make it to the end! WE WILL SURVIVE! Need to use all my will power not to start the holiday break early! Its crunch time BB

Back to back to school

 Life is back to normal. The extreme vortex of time-bending magic that happens between Christmas and the new year swallowed me up good and whole. I had a great break! Very little school work was achieved until the last two days, I got some reading done. It was strange. I kind of missed doing my online classes, most of all my genre class, and since we were to discuss Plath/Hughes I could hardly wait to jump back in! Looking forward to finishing off this trimester with a bang!!!

One down, One to go!

So this past week was the last one before the Christmas break and boy what a shit storm it was. I pumped out two assignments, one in essay form the other as a multimedia presentation. The multimedia one kicked my ass a little. Recording your own voice for a presentation “IS” worse the giving a live presentation! After I finish the two I thought id be able to chill but low and behold there was one more of those bastards hiding amongst the notifications on my student cloud!!!! Spent all of last night grinding to finish a 1500 word creative piece. In the end, the piece wasn’t too forced and I managed to enjoy the story I came up with, will see how grading goes and I might submit it to a mag. All in all, I made it through the first half of my first trimester and without crying or feeling completely stupid. So that’s a win!

Hope everyone has a great holiday season and are able to spend it with family and loved ones. Stay safe fam! I’ll see you all in 2021!!!!

The New Normal

Had some hard choices to make this week! Work = money, friends = fun and those two things mean no time for school! Ended up a little bit behind on my planned school work so looks like next week will be a grind! My first grind! Weirdly I’m kinda looking forward to knuckling down and pulling a few late nighters and getting into that university mindset. This Christmas break coming up after next week will be perfect for getting some reading (and drinking and eating) done as well. Also a day ahead on my advent calendar, which can only mean I’ve got my shit together.

Celebratory Ice Cream, Anyone?

It’s in! First assignment is submitted!!!! Ice cream was had in celebration, and then I started reading the text given for my Tuesday classes : ( the short-lived glory of finishing and handing in something, that I have no, real idea, on what the expectation will be. In other news, I was utterly bamboozled for my Aus Lit class today because I had no idea the lectures were being posted the week before the discussion class! So, I ended up behind on some of the readings and scrambled to catch up. What’s a Monday without a freak out tho!?!

ASS #1

Its the end of week two (already!!!!) and I’ve got my first assignment due next Wednesday! This whole referencing stuff has gone right over my head and I’m paranoid that the document I send in will be formatted so bad my teaches will become physically sick! I think once I get this badie out the way it will be smoother sailing going forward. On the lighter side things, the classroom/bedroom sitch is the best! Watching lecturers in my underwear while eating my consecutive roast chicken sandwich, is the dreammmmmm. I was a little on edge about the whole off-campus study thing but IM SOLD! Would be nicer if my house had a library tho or maybe a vending machine?

The Kids Are Alright!

Holy crap these kids say some smart shit! Or rather they make normal shit sound smart! Where did they learn this academic jargon? Because they sure as hell weren’t teaching it at my high school! With week one over, I’m settled, kinda. I’d say I’m treading the water smoothly now, and have worked my way around the online bubble enough. The class discussions are my favourite. To be able to hear everyone’s opinions and point of views, and discussing in a polite and non-judgmental environment (much like a Twitter comment section lol) is a breath of fresh air, one I didn’t know I needed either. Nothing like a bunch of nerdy intellectuals to get you hyped for a Monday morning lecture! In all honesty, this environment feels right, like a space I’ve craved, some sort of academic connections I’ve been longing. Bring on week two, baby!

Awkward is, as awkward be

Captains Log #1. The online classroom is a battlefield! The foot soldiers with their cameras on facing the world in all its glory, well the best of us hide behind our black screens in the trenches, waiting to be called upon. Is the lighting in my room that bad? No, my computer is fucking ancient! Why did I have my legs crossed for a 2-hour lecture? And why are my knees so sore, I’m only 26?? My first awkward encounter with classmates was had today. In a seminar for my Australian Lit. class, my professor broke us off in the small groups within our zoom meeting. After a short loading screen, I was met with two black tiles and being the only one in our thruple with my webcam on it was my duty to shepherd this short communication. I was nervous! Who were these people? What did that look like? Could they even hear me? What if it was the Man From Snowy River himself behind those blank squares! (Aus lit Joke). Alas, my fears were proved wrong. No less than a minute in, the steady banter amongst strangers calmed my nerve, and I survived another close call. 

Group discussions – 1, Ominous Blank Squares – 0


Week 0 is here! And what a rush. The emails, the portals and the pre-recorded greetings! My first freak out came when I received my syllabus for my classes. I thought we had to buy like 50 books. However, upon closer inspection, most of the readings are provided (thank god because I’m broke), and I only need two at the moment: Barm Stokes Dracula and No Friend But The Mountains by Behrouz Boochani, which I am very excited to read! Unfortunately, the stack of books on my desk will need to gather more dust. On the calmer side, none of my teachers seem like horrible professors (sometimes I forget that people are friendly) Good first impressions! Not scared any more ; )

Is This the Next Step?

Hello! And welcome to the first Back to School Blog post. I guess I should start off by explaining how I ended up here. Long story short, I quit my job as a builder a couple of years ago and made the decision to move to the UK. Upon my travels and new experiences, I developed my love for literature and started to write more confidently and consistently. Unfortunately, my time overseas was cut short due to the recent pandemic and the extremely expensive and extremely frustrating decision to return to Melbourne was made. So, what now? I’m back, I have no money and there is no way I’m going back to building houses after living the lifestyle of a homeless backpacker! School it is then! And off I go. I have no idea what to expect! No idea how to enroll or what the hell a university cloud is but I’m learning and I want to bring anyone along that is happy to join me. This is The Back to School Blog with Steve and I’m gonna be writing all about my experience as a mature age student attending university for the first time!