All Submissions to be sent to 

Please make sure to clearly document who the work is by in the email and in any file names as well at a short bio no longer than 100 words in the doc

Poetry: We will be accepting all forms of poetry and flash pieces under 300 words 

Please limit to five poems per submission all in the one document if possible 

Prose: We will be accepting short stories and prose pieces no longer the 1500 words 

Please limit all pieces to one per issue 

Review: Melbourne Culture Corner will also be adding reviews to our magazine 

We welcome you to write and review anything you feel passionate about or anything small that crosses your mind. Reviews will be limited to 1500 words and also to one submission per person per issue. You will also be able to attach any picture or photo you wish if needed  

For anyone that would like to share graphics, photos, images or audio 

Please let us know and attach it in the email submission and we will be happy to discuss to help give your work its