One down, One to go!

So this past week was the last one before the Christmas break and boy what a shit storm it was. I pumped out two assignments, one in essay form the other as a multimedia presentation. The multimedia one kicked my ass a little. Recording your own voice for a presentation “IS” worse the giving a live presentation! After I finish the two I thought id be able to chill but low and behold there was one more of those bastards hiding amongst the notifications on my student cloud!!!! Spent all of last night grinding to finish a 1500 word creative piece. In the end, the piece wasn’t too forced and I managed to enjoy the story I came up with, will see how grading goes and I might submit it to a mag. All in all, I made it through the first half of my first trimester and without crying or feeling completely stupid. So that’s a win!

Hope everyone has a great holiday season and are able to spend it with family and loved ones. Stay safe fam! I’ll see you all in 2021!!!!

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