Awkward is, as awkward be

Captains Log #1. The online classroom is a battlefield! The foot soldiers with their cameras on facing the world in all its glory, well the best of us hide behind our black screens in the trenches, waiting to be called upon. Is the lighting in my room that bad? No, my computer is fucking ancient! Why did I have my legs crossed for a 2-hour lecture? And why are my knees so sore, I’m only 26?? My first awkward encounter with classmates was had today. In a seminar for my Australian Lit. class, my professor broke us off in the small groups within our zoom meeting. After a short loading screen, I was met with two black tiles and being the only one in our thruple with my webcam on it was my duty to shepherd this short communication. I was nervous! Who were these people? What did that look like? Could they even hear me? What if it was the Man From Snowy River himself behind those blank squares! (Aus lit Joke). Alas, my fears were proved wrong. No less than a minute in, the steady banter amongst strangers calmed my nerve, and I survived another close call. 

Group discussions – 1, Ominous Blank Squares – 0

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