Is This the Next Step?

Hello! And welcome to the first Back to School Blog post. I guess I should start off by explaining how I ended up here. Long story short, I quit my job as a builder a couple of years ago and made the decision to move to the UK. Upon my travels and new experiences, I developed my love for literature and started to write more confidently and consistently. Unfortunately, my time overseas was cut short due to the recent pandemic and the extremely expensive and extremely frustrating decision to return to Melbourne was made. So, what now? I’m back, I have no money and there is no way I’m going back to building houses after living the lifestyle of a homeless backpacker! School it is then! And off I go. I have no idea what to expect! No idea how to enroll or what the hell a university cloud is but I’m learning and I want to bring anyone along that is happy to join me. This is The Back to School Blog with Steve and I’m gonna be writing all about my experience as a mature age student attending university for the first time!

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